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Since 1915, Marywood has prepared students to discover their passion and live their purpose. With small class sizes, over 50+ majors, 60+ study abroad opportunities, and our Day One approach, 哪些课程可以让学生在入学的第一天就开始学习核心课程, Marywood students have endless ways to engage in their student experience and showcase their #PacerPride.

Ready to Make your Mark?

不知道自己想学什么? 别担心,10%的新生还没有决定, 我们的顾问会帮助你找到适合你的项目!


The $35 application fee is waived when you submit through the Marywood online application, Common Application, or Apply Coalition with Scoir. 如果您希望填写书面申请,请 download it here to print it.

All documents submitted in connection with the application become the property of the University.

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要求一份你高中成绩单的正式复印件, dual enrollment transcript, or transcript of any college-level classes that you’ve taken is sent to Marywood University Admissions.

Test Scores

Marywood 是否对一年级新生实施了非考试录取政策. 鼓励参加过SAT或ACT考试的学生, but not required, 在申请时提交考试成绩. 在填写通用申请或 Marywood Application, you will choose if you want your test scores considered in the admissions review process. 如果你选择在评论中包括你的考试成绩, they must be submitted via your official high school transcript or by the testing agency. 一旦你提交了入学申请, 您的考试成绩将成为最终决定,不能更改. 

This policy is applicable to all academic programs; however, please note that for students interested in studying Communication Sciences and Disorders, 考试成绩优先,但不是必需的.

Recommendation Letter

Provide one letter of recommendation from a school-based counselor or academic teacher. 我们也欢迎更多的老师来信, friends, 或者熟悉你的学术成就和兴趣的家庭成员. 信件可以通过在线申请或电子邮件发送到 yourfuture@merrillbridge.com.

Writing Sample/Essay 


Essay topics may include:

  • 有些学生是有背景的, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. 如果这听起来像你,那么请分享你的故事.  
  • The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. 叙述一次你面对挑战、挫折或失败的经历. 它对你有什么影响,你从中学到了什么?
  • 回想一下你质疑或挑战某个信念或想法的经历. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome?
  • Reflect on something that someone has done for you that has made you happy or thankful in a surprising way. 这种感激是如何影响或激励你的?
  • Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.
  • Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. Why does it captivate you? 当你想了解更多的时候,你会向什么或谁求助?
  • 分享一篇你选择的任何主题的文章. 它可以是你已经写过的, 对不同提示作出反应的人, or one of your own design.


For Parents

我们为校园整理了一些资源, the local area and beyond, 在你帮助你的孩子通过录取过程中,哪些可能是有用的.

Visit Our Parent's Page »

在你等待被爱博登录页面录取的时候, 这是一个好主意,开始探索下一步资助你的教育. Marywood is committed to helping to make your education as affordable as possible through grants and scholarships based on both your academic merit and financial need. 下面的工具将帮助你度过这段旅程.

  • Financing Your Future
  • Net Price Calculator
  • Make Your Deposit

Submit Your Deposit
If you have been accepted to Marywood and wish to accept the offer of admission, please Submit Your Deposit 在线或填写与录取通知书一起发送的纸质表格.  Deposits are non-refundable. 

Invest in Your Future

  • Await notice of scholarships/grants awarded from institutional resources on the basis of academic merit.  
  • 申请经济援助,请填写 免费申请联邦学生资助 (FAFSA),最好在2月15日前提交. 爱博登录页面的联邦学校规定是 003296.  宾夕法尼亚州居民必须在5月1日之前提交申请,才有资格获得国家援助.
  • 如果你的专业是艺术、音乐或戏剧,那就去争取一个才艺奖吧. These awards are given to select students who demonstrate outstanding proficiency through an art portfolio, music audition, 或者参加戏剧比赛. Deadline to apply is March 1.

Complete Online Forms
Once you submit a deposit, you will be issued a Marywood email address and password. 这些信息是在早春送给你的. You will have access to an online portal where you will be able to complete several forms, 包括紧急联系信息表, a health history form, housing form (if applicable), 以及新生入学登记.

Final Transcripts
Acceptance is based upon current information contained in your application for admission. 如果你目前正在上课, this offer of admission may be modified or withdrawn if your performance drops below past levels of achievement. A final official transcript must be forwarded to University Admissions upon completion of classes currently in session. Failure to forward a final transcript may result in withdrawal of this offer of acceptance.


  • Contact the College Board and have your AP scores sent directly to the Office of University Registrar, 2300 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18509.
  • If you have taken college courses through a dual enrollment program at your high school, please request official transcripts from the college/university be sent to the Office of University Admissions, 2300 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18509.

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